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Total Solution Business

Liquid Crystal Cell Production Line
Touch Panel Production Line

Coordinating of the liquid crystal cell production line and the touch panel production line.
CF process, Array equipment
Wet Cleaning Equipment / Wet Process Equipment / Loader, Unloader

Cell process
Wet Cleaning Equipment / PI Flexo Printing Equipment / Prebake Oven / Alignment Equipment (rubbing, photo alignment) / US Cleaner / Dispenser Equipment / Glass Transfer Equipment / ODF Equipment / Scriber / Breaker

Touch panel process
OCR Lamination Equipment
Atmosphere / Vacuum

Features and Intended Use

We will construct a production line combining each process equipment and transfer equipment in liquid crystal cell manufacturing and touch panel manufacturing. Regarding to the substrate (glass or film) , we will support you in cooperation with proven manufacturers in Japan.

Target Liquid crystal cell production line, Touch panel production line
Actual performance 13 lines in Japan and abroad

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Service structure Taiwan base / China base
Domestic specialized trading company Liquid crystal related material trading company - Glass / Chemical liquid
ING related equipment manufacturer WET equipment maker washing machine, Photo Process machine, others
Domestic equipment manufacturer TOP equipment maker (Exposure machine, Coater, WET machine)
Overseas equipment manufacturer Korea / Taiwanese major equipment maker (TFT equipment, TP equipment)