Product Introduction

Flat Panel Display Production related Equipment

Alignment Film Peeling Equipment (Plasma)

Oxygen plasma is generated to peel off the PI film of the dummy substrate used for PI printing test and to regenerate the substrate.

Features and Intended Use

Promote chemical reaction by radical & ions.

An example of specifications

Items Specifications
Model RPS-01
Discharge method RF high frequency (60 MHz)  Special electrode type high density plasma
High frequency output Maximum 900 W
Control method Sequencer control, Touch panel · digital display
Processing time From 1 second to 30 minutes (set in seconds)
External dimensions W1130xD1130xH1700mm
Chamber material Aluminum
Chamber size Internal dimensions W 550 x D 600 x H 300 mm
Reaction gas O₂ N₂ (Ar)
Purge gas Air or N₂
Flow control Purge meter (MFC: option)
Exhaust speed Variable by conductance control valve
Vacuum pump Dry pump 900/1100 L / min 50/60 Hz
Emergency stop Front push type
Power supply 3φ AC200V 30A 50Hz/60Hz


* Specifications are different depend on the substrate size. Please feel free contact us for the details.