With the 65th anniversary, we made a company history booklet for employees.
Where is the present position of our company? And where is the future to be aimed?
In order to explore this, we first explored the past.
We would like to introduce a little.


Iinuma Gauge Manufacturing is in the beginning
of the third foundation period.

Message from the President


To explore the hints of the next 10, next 30 years -

Why is the Iinuma Gauge Manufacturing occupy 80% of the world market share? What is the strength of only "IINUMA"? We have started to look back on the past.
From a lot of testimonies, we can see the previous president who had been struggling. He had created a number of equipment by his idea, and he was always running around.
From my inauguration as president in 2014 to today, I was struggling and I was rushing around every day.
What is the next to Rubbing Machine? How should we utilize our core technologies? I am on the way looking for the answer. However, I am confident we can go to the next stage in the near future. Even if I struggle personally, there is a limit what I can do.
Our company have nearly 100 people now. I`m sure we can open up the future together.
From today, the beginning of the third foundation.
If it is an idea for improving the company, I will just say, "Let's do it !".



What we want to be

An idea group to change the world.

Through "MONOZUKURI" with ideas, I hope everyone feel "richness". That is what we want to be at Iinuma Gauge Manufacturing.
We will also challenge in the different fields with our ideas, skills and human power.
Behind every technology evolving the world, "Made in Iinuma".


Our mission

Break through with ideas.

For our future, we will break through any circumstances by our "ideas".


Our promise

Our ideas
Our human power
Our technical power

We are brushing our "Idea Power", "Human Power" and "Technical Power".
Our power is the basis of all our actions.

The soul of Iinuma Gauge


  • Let's do it !
  • The landscape we have seen
  • Idea Power of Iinuma Gauge
  • Tell the future

In order to break through for the future, we may need to change fully our way of thinking and way of acting.
We made this booklet to think and understand what we really need to do right now, and to find hints for the next 10 years, next 30 years.

Although it is for in-house use, let us introduce this booklet.
Our wish for the future is in this booklet.