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Multi-tank Washer 
Equipment for bonding a touch panel onto a cover glass or a cover glass onto a LCD panel


The washer can remove particles of submicron size and select an optical method of washing according to the kind of particles to be removed.

Item Specifications
Outline This equipment conveys glass lenses in cassettes accommodated in exclusive outer baskets and automatically wash/rinse/dry them.
Body dimensions Approx. 5,400 mm (length) x 1,300 mm (width) x 2,060 mm (height)
Body weight Approx. 3,500 kg (dry weight), without C/V
Conveyance method Entrance C/V (shuttle conveyance)
  Washer main body (hold run plus beam conveyance)
  Exit C/V (shuttle conveyance)
Path line Inlet input: 725 mm, inside conveyance: 1,175 mm, exit ejection: 725 mm
Processing tact Averagely approx. 150 seconds (120 seconds for washing plus 30 seconds for conveyance)
Start-up time Approx. 60 minutes (heat-up time)

Specifications vary based on substrate sizes. Please contact us for more details.

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