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While market competition intensifies, we put a high value on "the core technology strategy" that constructs optimal technology/product strategy and organization management systems.
Since our foundation in 1951, we have been manufacturing various products such as jigs and tools, dedicated equipment, LCD production equipment.
We offer high-level services in the development and production of various kinds of production equipment by means of a production system where designing, part fabrication/assembly, and localization are consistently conducted.
Most of the knowledge that fosters our core technology and enhances our technical capabilities of our organization applies to various products through the experiences that have been accumulated in the individual skills of our engineers.
Most of our engineers have learned by trial and error in the development of technologies and products through the sixty years of tackling various product developments.
Our body of knowledge that enhances our core technology has gained depth, width, and quality.
The rubbing equipment that we presently provide are indispensable for manufacturing tablets and liquid crystal TV displays for which clear image quality is demanded resulting in winning more than 80% share of the world market.
Our technology is currently being improved and deepened, while at the same time, several new technologies are being introduced. Through such a process, organization-specific capabilities have been accumulated based on specific technologies. The body of knowledge that has been accumulated and built up in such a way is our internationally-acclaimed core technology.

Core technology does not exist from the beginning as a specific technology but is built up as organization-specific body of knowledge by developing one product after another. What is important to the core technology strategy is to continue to foster technologies through product development. Our mission is to continue to accumulate organizational capabilities related to our core technology for a long period of time while developing and introducing new products.
Moreover, we tackle the development of future technologies to achieve something realistic and overcome the problems and requests from manufacturers that have grown by taking advantage of leading-edge technology.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need consultation on troubles regarding product development in your company.
We may have a core technology with which you will make your big break.
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