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Conveyor system for photo-alignment

Features of the ING Conveyor System for Optical Alignment

Introduction of lifting mechanism

"Three-dimensional motion instead of the conventional two-dimensional motion is possible with the introduction of the lifting mechanism. Through simple structural design configured with 7 independently driven axes, approximately a 23% space saving is realized compared to conventional products.
* Compared to our previous model in design dimensions for a 1,500 mm x 1,850 mm size glass"

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[Improved efficiency through continuous irradiation]

"Continuous irradiation difficult with conventional structure is now possible with the introduction of the three-dimensional drive system.
Successive irradiation reduces tact time by 19% compared to conventional products.
* Depends on irradiation speed."
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"We have developed many new technologies through the manufacturing of equipment for a variety of liquid crystal display production processes.
Taking advantage of these technologies, we have achieved high-precision alignment and work conveyance."

  Specifications list General requirements specifications


Stage Pitching

Stage Yawing ±0.02°
Stage Rolling ±0.05°
Perpendicularity between stage and lamp house 90±0.005°
Polarimeter traveling axis Pitching ±0.05°
Polarimeter traveling axis Yawing ±0.02°
Polarimeter traveling axis Rolling ±0.05°
Perpendicularity between stage and polarimeter traveling axis 90±0.05°
Substrate alignment accuracy ±0.01°
Equipment mechanism Stage rotation range -10°〜+100°
Stage Type Pin Stage
Substrate inlet / outlet Shutter installation
Materials used Resistance to ultraviolet radiation
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